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As parents, we often forget that our teenagers aren’t just our little kids anymore – they are on the final stretches of becoming an adult. Because of this, they can rebel as a means to feel like they are in control of their own life, whether or not they realize that’s why they’re rebelling in the first place. Some teens end up rebelling in ways that aren’t inherently harmful and can include things like staying out late and dressing a certain way, among others.

The Rebellious Stage

However, some rebellious activities can lead to some very serious situations. These situations include things like being severely injured, teen pregnancy, and dropping out of school. In many instances, those consequences were the direct result of the teen using drugs or alcohol. During their altered state of mind, teenagers may not make the best decisions. Thankfully, most kids only try a substance once or twice and don’t use it again until they are of legal age and have matured. Nevertheless, some teens end up heavily addicted to whatever substance they are using and will need a significant amount of help and attention to fully quit using drugs and alcohol.

Are there Signs Your Teen is Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Though alcohol is fairly easy to (literally) sniff out, many drugs can be difficult to detect. Because of this, you should be aware of behavioral changes that your teen is going through. What is difficult about having a teen -and being a parent in general- is just how much our kids’ moods can swing thanks to them growing up and going through all sorts of mental and biological changes, which can lead to all sorts of weird behavior.

That being said, there isn’t going to  be a single telltale sign that proves that your kid is abusing drugs and alcohol unless you catch them in the act. Still, being aware of the way they act and carry themselves can mean the difference between you getting them help before they’re even addicted versus having to put them through a  private inpatient rehab program. Along with those changes in behavior, try to stay aware of more tangible and physical traits like sunken in eyes and/or cheeks, a  dulling of the complexion, a complete disregard for personal hygiene, and other big changes like these.

Private Rehab for Your Teen

When you first start thinking about putting your teen into a substance abuse treatment program, private rehab centers should be the first facilities that you look into. There are a few reasons that private rehab centers are preferable for your teen over public rehab, not the least of which is that private facilities are reportedly more successful than their public and government-ran counterparts.

This success not only has to do with better access to resources and professionals, but the ratio  of patients to staff is much lower in private rehab. This means that each patient will receive more attention and care in a private facility.

The biggest difference, though, has to do with your teen’s living situation during rehab. Most facilities will do their best to ensure that teens are placed with other teens in the facilities, but it isn’t necessarily absolutely guaranteed. In private rehab, on the other hand, entire facilities are dedicated to taking care of teens and incorporating  their families into the care and rehabilitation process.

For more information about finding your teen a rehab center for the substance abuse treatment they need, contact us as soon as possible by calling (877) 925-1541.

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Private Teen Rehab

As parents, we often forget that our teenagers aren’t just our little kids anymore – they are on the final stretches …