Your First Day at Rehab – What to Expect for Inpatient Treatment

It’s time for you, one of your kids, another family member, or a good friend to start an inpatient substance abuse program at a private drug rehab center and you’re left wondering what the experience is going to be like – specifically how that first day in rehab will play out. Though everyone’s experience will be a little different based on time of day you check in, the patient’s behavior, and the rehab center itself, there are still a handful of things to expect during your first 24 hours in rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction.

Initial Assessment and Intake

Once a suitable facility has been found and the addict’s spot has been reserved in the rehab center, the next step is going there and checking in. This task alone is often the most difficult part of rehab for many people, but getting help is the right choice.

When first arriving at the rehab center, the patient (or his or her legal guardian) will fill out and sign certain paperwork, including health insurance information, patient information, outside contact information, and more. You or your loved one will then be taken inside the facility to start going through both emotional and physical assessments. The information gathered about the patient during these assessments will be used to determine the best course of action for rehabilitation.

As we have noted elsewhere, receiving proper treatment relies on how honest the patient is when checking in. One of the most important things that needs to be conveyed by the patient is whether there is a second substance that she or he uses on a regular basis. Opening up about  that is for the best as the rehab center staff will be able to help get through all withdrawal symptoms, not just those expected from the single drug addicted noted.

Checking Out Your Room and a Tour

Once you’re checked in at the rehab center, you will be taken to your accommodations. Unless you specifically chose a private facility that offers personal rooms for each client, you or your loved one will more than likely have a roommate – and if not, expect one to take the second bed in the room sooner than later.

You can also reasonably expect to get a full tour of the grounds you’ll be staying at and get all the information you need for things like mealtime, leisure, working out, and therapy.

Contraband Check

At some point during your first day in rehab, you and a staff member will go through everything  you brought with you. Though this might be a little uncomfortable for some people, it is necessary to make sure drugs and alcohol aren’t being brought into the facility. It should be noted, however, that you should bring your prescription medications with you. Otherwise, the things you bring should mostly include clothes, hygiene items, and prepaid phone cards (for facilities that don’t allow patients to bring in their own phone). If you are expected to bring any other specific items, you will be informed of them before your intake day.

First Signs of Withdrawal from Detox

Depending on the substance or substances that the rehab patient is addicted to, the first stage of withdrawal will begin. If the symptoms prove to be severe, the staff will react accordingly and make sure you or your loved one is as comfortable as possible during this time.

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